pianos for sale

steinway2Steinway Model K – Sold

Beautiful Steinway Model K in superb original condition. One family has owned this piano since new, with the latest owner keeping it for over 60 years. This is one seriously looked after Steinway. Model K Steinways in this condition are extremely hard to come by. Complete with original key.

opusOpus 131 – Sold

Full size upright piano manufactured by Opus. Superb sound and touch, excellent build quality. Finished in black gloss. Great value for money.

kawai3Kawai KU1B – Sold

Upright piano manufactured by Kawai in Japan. Finished in gloss black this professional standard upright would look stunning in any home.

petrof1Petrof Model V – Sold

World class grand piano manufactured by Petrof. 5ft 2″ in length and finished in mahogany. This is an exceptionally beautiful instrument.

kemble1Kemble Conservatoire – Sold

Professional standard upright piano manufactured by Yamaha under the Kemble brand, manufactured around 2010. These retail at £7000, so this is a great chance to own a Kemble Conservatoire at a realistic price.

gorsandkalmanGors and Kallman – Sold

Upright piano manufactured by Gors and Kallman, manufactured in 2013. Luxury black gloss finish complete with soft close lid.

kawaicn251Kawai CN25 Digital – Sold

Current model Kawai digital piano finished in white. Excellent condition and in full working order, less than one year old.

offenbachgr1Offenbach – Sold

Baby grand piano manufactured by Offenbach in South Korea. Finished in black gloss this piano is in stunning condition. Around 15 years old.

u1x1Yamaha U1X – Sold

Top of the range Yamaha U1X upright piano, this is an extensively refined version of Yamaha’s already stunning U1 piano. This is a rare piano in the UK market, and must be played to believe. Height: 48in / 121cm Width: 60in / 151cm Depth: 24in / 61.5cm

kawai1Kawai CS21S – Sold

Upright piano manufactured in Japan by Kawai. Professional standard piano in superb condition inside and out.

bentley1Bentley – sold

Made in England, Bentley upright piano. Finished in a matt mahogany. Great entry level piano, with a compact cabinet.

disklavier1Yamaha MX100a – Sold

World class professional standard piano made in Japan. Standard Yamaha U1 with disklavier functionality, insert a disk and the piano plays itself, with full key and action movement. We will include around 50 disks, with multiple songs on each disk. Also has midi in/out function. The piano operates just like any other U1 when the […]

u120101Yamaha U1 (2010) – Sold

Yamaha U1 upright piano finished in gloss black. World class professional standard piano made in Japan. This piano has only ever had one British owner and was manufactured in 2010. Excellent condition inside and out, this is a rare chance to own a near new Yamaha u1 at a realistic price. Comes complete with original […]

steinmayer1Steinmayer s108 – Sold

Upright piano manufactured by Steinmayer. This piano is in great condition inside and out, finished in gloss black.

g31Yamaha G3 – Sold

6ft grand piano manufactured in Japan by Yamaha. Finished in black gloss polyester, this piano looks stunning! An excellent example of a 1985 Yamaha G3, the action has no sign of wear and looks barely used. Superb touch and tone.

wedseiler2Ed.Seiler – Sold

Rare upright piano manufactured in Germany by Ed.Seiler. World class professional piano, with truly beautiful unique tonal qualities. Ed.Seiler pianos start at around £10,000 to buy new, so this is a great chance to own one in superb condition at a realistic price. This piano has just been been professionally resprayed in black gloss polyester, […]

u1n1Yamaha U1n (2001) – Sold

Yamaha U1n upright piano finished in satin walnut. This piano was manufactured in 2001 and is in superb condition inside and out. The casework is in excellent condition and the action looks almost new. Also features a soft close lid mechanism. This piano has only ever had one UK domestic owner from new and was […]