5 reasons why acoustic pianos are better than digital pianos

Playing a musical instrument is a wonderful way to relieve stress. It is a great way to pass time and has proven to be beneficial both physically and mentally. The most important question for a pianist is the kind of piano he should choose. There are many reasons why acoustic pianos are better than the digital piano or keyboards. One of those reasons is the amazing harmonies of acoustic piano that contribute to your general well being and relax you as you feel the keys vibrate beneath your fingertips. Whether you are a pro or a beginner some of the important reasons why acoustic piano is better than the digital piano or keyboard are listed below:

Learn the basics:
The key is to start from the basics. In order for a beginner to learn the basics of playing the piano, he should learn on an acoustic piano. Playing on a digital piano limits options for students who wish to pursue piano seriously as it does not provide the same experience. When playing a digital piano the pianist is listening to a digital sample of someone else playing, so when they come to use a real piano they will undoubtedly struggle to recreate the same tone. An acoustic piano is a living instrument that is much more capable of many beautiful tones.

The sound of acoustic piano is considered much better than the digital piano. The digital piano is more or less an imitation of the acoustic piano and imitations are always considered not as good as the original thing. The sound of an acoustic piano is a result of over 200 strings vibrating over the soundboard. That is why the sound of the acoustic piano is said to be much more complex than the digital keyboard. The sound of an acoustic piano is an ideal for a classical piano player and it is the essence of the acoustic piano that stirs the soul of whoever listens to it.

The touch and feel of the keys of the acoustic piano is miles apart from that of the keys of the digital piano. It is combined by the resistance of springs and the gravity. No digital piano can compare to the acoustic piano in terms of touch as the touch- response, range and flexibility of the keys of a good acoustic piano is unmatched.

If maintained properly, an acoustic piano can last a life time. It is the ideal choice for those who wish to pursue playing the piano as professionally or as a hobby. It is a great choice for pianists who love to play for their friends and family and for those who have a love for traditional pianos. An acoustic piano can last for generations as it is one of the most long lived technologies in history.

As a digital piano is an electronic device, it is likely to have a similar lifespan to a television or other electrical appliance. This affects the resale value of a digital piano hugely. A ten year old acoustic piano is considered “near new” a ten year old digital piano is considered old.

An acoustic piano brings a beautiful feel to your surroundings that add to the visual appeal of the room. This visual appeal is present due to the gorgeous structure of the acoustic piano and adds the to the furniture charm of the entire room. Modern pianos look simply stunning in a contemporary home, and an older classic piano can add real charm to a more traditional home. Digital pianos look plastic and artificial as compared to the acoustic piano and cannot be kept in a piano cabinet due to their structure.