At Buckley Pianos we can purchase used grand pianos or upright pianos by paying fast cash on sale. If you no longer require your piano, or are looking for an upgrade and need to sell your piano, at a good price, then we can provide you with a quick and efficient solution by buying your piano instantly.

Buckley Pianos is your cost-effective solution as we not only save your time but also free you from the hassle of sending an advert to your local paper or paying online listing and selling fees. Most pianos will achieve a similar price from us, as an online listing and you will not have to deal with time wasters or strangers.

If you are wanting to sell your piano and have any queries or questions regarding the procedure then our friendly staff will be more than willing to provide you information regarding the sale of your piano. They can offer you specialist advice and can explain to you the various options available for selling. Once the sale is finalised we will send our experienced and professional piano movers to your house to collect the piano so that you don’t have to deal with any hassle of carrying out the moving process on your own.

We provide efficient, quick and safe piano transport and removal services so you can be rest assured that from the beginning of your contact with us till the removal process you will experience minimum disruption and get exceptional service.

If you want to sell your piano then all you have to do is to give us a call on 01244 550716 or email us at