Woodchester – Sold

Woodchester upright piano manufactured in the United Kingdom by Bentley. Finished in mahogany. Excellent quality award winning upright piano.

Kawai GM-10k – Sold

Manufactured in 2010 by Kawai. This 5ft baby grand piano is finished in gloss black and is in immaculate condition inside and out. RRP – £9995.00. More pictures to follow.

Seiler 116 – sold

Rare upright piano manufactured in Germany by Seiler. World class professional piano, with truly beautiful unique tonal qualities. Seiler pianos start at around £10,000 to buy new, so this is a great chance to own one in superb condition at a realistic price. This Seiler is around 10 years old and looks stunning inside and […]

Steinbach – Sold

Upright piano manufactured by Steinbach, finished in gloss black. Excellent condition inside and out, good sized upright with pleasant tone and touch.

Weber – Sold

Upright piano by Weber, manufactured around 2010. Finished in walnut gloss. Excellent quality instrument, that has had very little use.

Wendl and Lung 122 – Sold

122cm tall upright piano manufactured by Wendl and Lung. Manufactured in 2012, this piano is in stunning condition. Professional series piano, suitable for any level of pianist. Thinking of buying a 40 year old Yamaha U1? Try this first.

Carl Schiller – Sold

Exquisite upright piano manufactured by Carl Schiller. Finished in gloss black, this piano is only two years old and is like new, it would look stunning in any home. Exceptional quality and workmanship, Carl Schiller are streaks ahead of their competitors in this price bracket.

Samick – Sold

Upright piano manufactured by Samick. Excellent intermediate piano, with a wonderful bright tone. Finished in a cherry satin.

Yamaha P112N – Sold

Top quality upright piano manufactured by Yamaha, finished in matt black. Manufactured in 2009, this piano is in excellent condition inside and out. Height: 112 cm Width: 148 cm Depth: 54 cm

Kawai CL5E – Sold

Upright piano manufactured in Japan by Kawai. Compact piano with excellent touch and tone. Beautiful condition, finished in black gloss.

Waldstein – Sold

Upright piano manufactured in South Korea for Waldstein. Finished in black gloss, this piano would look stunning in any home. Compact model, with a bright tone.

Nieer – Sold

Nieer upright piano, finished in black gloss. Full size upright piano, with excellent tonal qualities.

Edel and Herz – Sold

Upright piano manufactured for Edel and Herz, beautiful condition and finished in gloss black. This piano was manufactured around 2011, and would be an excellent choice for a beginner/intermediate pianist.

Kawai KG-2C – Sold

Professional 5ft 10″ grand piano manufactured in Japan by Kawai. World class instrument in great condition, the action looks barely used. Excellent example of a 1980s Kawai KG-2C.

Weber 150 – Sold

Beautiful 4ft 11″ baby grand piano, manufactured by Weber. Finished in stunning gloss black, this piano really does look the part. Excellent condition and only 6 years old!

Yamaha U3 – Sold

1960s upright piano manufactured by Yamaha. This is their flagship U3 model. The piano is in good working order and sounds fantastic, but the casework is heavily marked around the legs, viewing recommended. This is the cheapest Yamaha U3 you will find!

Bentley (2013) – Sold

Black gloss upright piano manufactured under the Bentley name. Excellent quality instrument all around, this piano would look stunning in any home. Only 2 years old!

Kemble Cambridge 15 – Sold

Kemble Cambridge 15 upright piano, manufactured by Yamaha. Finished in cherry satin, the casework is in fair condition. The piano has had minimal use, and the action has very little sign of wear. Top quality instrument built in the United Kingdom in partnership with Yamaha. Height: 114 cm Width: 140 cm Depth: 56 cm

Yamaha/Kemble – Sold

Beautiful black gloss upright piano, manufactured in 2009 by Kemble/Yamaha. This piano is in stunning condition inside and out, excellent example, top quality instrument built in the United Kingdom in partnership with Yamaha.

Yamaha B2 (2013) – Sold

Stunning as new Yamaha B2 upright piano. Only two years old, you would struggle to distinguish this between a brand new Yamaha B2. Superb condition inside and out. Lovely sounding instrument, nice deep bass and bell like in the treble.