Why should you always use professionals to move your piano?

A piano is an extremely valuable instrument and requires proper maintenance. While moving a piano it is extremely important to be aware of a few factors. These factors include the size, weight and the shape of the piano. Whether it is a big piano or a small one, it is always a good idea to seek professional services to help move your piano. These professional services consist of highly trained individuals who are knowledgeable on how to move big instruments like pianos. Moving a piano without the correct equipment or knowledge can be extremely dangerous, with a high risk of injury. Most pianos are moved very infrequently, so it is worth having the job done safely and efficiently.
There are many reasons why you should consider getting professional help to move your piano, some of which are listed below:

Hard to handle:
A piano, due to its huge size and weight is very hard to handle, it requires a minimum of two strong individuals who will have a good grip on the piano at all time. Professional movers can use their experience to anticipate how the piano will react in certain situations, it is important to treat any item this heavy with respect and concentration at all times. The correct equipment is absolutely essential to move a piano without injury to persons or damage to property.
Calculate and measure:

When moving a particularly large piano or a pianola, all the dimensions of the piano should be measured and an estimate should be calculated before moving it to make sure that you do not get stuck midway. Professional movers can estimate the amount of width and height that would be required to move your piano from one door way to the next. Some pianolas may need dismantling to be removed.

The move:
A lot of factors need to be considered when the actual moving of the piano takes place. The original position of the piano will determine how the transferring of your piano will take place. If your piano is on the top floor and there is risk of movers encountering obstacles like staircases, then it is imperative to hire professional services to move your piano. This sort of obstacle can only be overcome by trained professionals who are experienced in such moves.

Your piano may need tipping on it’s side to navigate around tight corners, doing this without the correct equipment will result in severe damage to the piano’s cabinet. Professional piano movers will know which way around the piano needs to face to get around each corner, this is also very important.

Loading a piano onto a vehicle that is not fitted with a tail lift or a correct ramp is very dangerous, and should not be attempted under any circumstances.

After the piano is loaded on to the transport vehicle it is important to cover the piano adequately and pad it to protect the exquisite exterior of the piano. Professional movers will use tailor made thick quilted piano covers to protect your piano from any harm. An exposed piano while moving is a huge risk to the cabinet of the piano and your instrument could get chipped or scratched due to any disruption while moving.